1957 Union Pacific Calendar Art

by Derrick Bostrom

I couldn't resist this calendar when I saw it last week during a visit to a local antique store. Not only are the photos exquisite, but each one comes with all the technical info: f-stop, exposure, film type, etc. Ironically enough, the photographers themselves are not credited! But here's the real hell of it: the last page states that "prints suitable for framing of any of these calendar subjects...may be obtained free of charge by writing Union Pacific Railroad...!" Since I assume this offer is no longer valid, allow me to honor the spirit of their largess by offering them to you myself. Click on each photo for more info. 

The stately temple in Salt Lake City, Utah is the chief sanctuary of the Mormon church

The Domeliner "City of Portland" glides through the grandeur if the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon

Hoover Dam lights reflect on the smooth surface of Lake Mead near Las Vegas, Nevada

Pikes Peak in Colorado, perhaps America's best known mountain

Cedar Breaks in Utah presents a series of vast chasms eroded into thousands of strange architectural forms

Sun Valley, Idaho provides everything for an ideal summer vacation

The Great White Throne and Angels Landing in Zion National Park, Utah

Yellowstone Lake mirrors the blue of the sky in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

One of the many sublime views of the Grand Canyon from the north rim in Arizona

Mount Hood, Oregon viewed across the fruitful Hood River valley

The Teton Tower in rugged splendor above the Snake River valley in Wyoming

Tipsoo Lake and Mount Rainier in Rainier National Park, Washington

Looking west into the trackless Pacific from a colorful garden and Laguna Beach, California

Sun Valley's year-round outdoor ice skating rink, recently enlarged to standard Olympic dimensions

This powerful gas turbine-electric locomotive exemplifies progress, a Union Pacific watchword

The smartly luxurious main dining room of an Astra Dome dining car