Live A Little at!

by Derrick Bostrom


Starting this weekend, the fine folks over at will be presenting "C'mon! Live A Little," a new show hosted by Yours Truly. The program will run for an hour at 3PM (Pacific Time) on Saturdays, and feature the kind of edifying fun and music readers of the Bostworld adventures have come to expect.

Naturally, when they offered me this opportunity, I jumped for it. I've been a huge fan of the station since day one. Though I don't have the time to immerse myself in their online community as much as I'd like to, I love their restless playlist of lounge music, obscure rock, jazz, novelties and pop music from around the world. My current podcast series "Your Favorite Little Podcast," taken from a show I did several years ago, is directly influenced by them. In fact, when Luxuria returned to the air four years ago (after a two-year hiatus), I donated all the songs from that show to them. Many of them are still in rotation.

My new show gets it's name from a teen movie featuring Bobby Vee and Jackie DeShannon. The film itself is a pretty terrible fast-forward-fest, but I love the title song, especially a scene where it is performed by Suzie Kaye.After being introduced by baseball legend Bo Bo Belinski, she sings and go-go dances in front of a faceless rock group of Wrecking Crew wannabees referred to only as "The Boys" (though it probably is the Wrecking Crew). Though she also appeared with Elvis Presley in "Clambake," this scene is Suzie Kaye's true cinematic moment. She's all but forgotten now, but she'll be joining me every week.

I hope you will too. After Lux made such a kind offer, it would be ungracious of me not to try and deliver my audience. So please: won't you be sure to cruise over to Lux and give it a listen? Become a member of their swelling ranks, not just during my show, but all week long. Get the habit today!

(Note: You can get show playlists here.)