"Love Workshop" Box Set Now Available!

by Derrick Bostrom

Say what you will about the convenience of the cloud, there are still some people who prefer the greater perceived permanence of a piece of plastic that they can stick on their shelf, toss in the back seat of their car or stash in the back of their closet. Those folks will relish the following piece of news: the Love Workshop Box Set is finally a reality!

Yep, Andy Olsen at Radio Free Phoenix has finally put final touches on his six-disk compilation of KDKB's legendary comedy program from 1976. And now, he's offering this labor of love to the public for less than what you'd pay for a tank of gas these days. Andy and his shopping cart and standing by right now, waiting for your purchase:


Whether this makes the shows archived here, at WFMU's Beware Of The Blog and at Archive Dot Org more or less of a valued public service depends, I suppose, on how you stand on this whole getting-your-entertainment-for free-from-the-Internet issue. It's moot point to me, since I received my copy for free anyway (I was, after all, a contributor). But if I hadn't, I'm sure I'd buy one just the same.

Be sure to visit the Bostworld "Love Workshop" tribute pages for more info on this great program, including audio from the show, articles from the period and a lengthy exclusive interview with one half of the "Love Workshop" creative team, Russ "Wonderful Russ" Shaw.

(Now, if someone would come forward with recordings of "Bunkhouse Capers...")