Love Workshop - The Wayne Butane Collection

by Derrick Bostrom

My "Love Workshop" collection finally reached critical mass last moth, thanks to fellow Phoenician and Verne & Craig enthusiast Wayne Butane. Wayne sent me a full five disks of shows, all lovingly digitized from his crumbling original cassettes. I managed to clean most of the hiss out of them, but they are far from master quality. Some even sound as thought they were captured by holding a microphone up to the radio speaker. But the riches contained therein are fully audible, two hours of which are new to my collection. Then, as if that weren't enough, Wayne sent me the accompanying picture of "Love Workshop" creator Todd Carroll, hard at work presumedly preparing one of his "National Lampoon" contributions.

In addition to being a generous "Love Workshop" archiver, audio collagist and founding member of the legendary Phoenix cassette rockers The D Cups, Wayne Butane also gains my admiration for being an unashamed Rupert Holmes fan and and enthusiastic lover of cats, both of which are vital qualities in my book. Wayne hosts a weekly Love Workshop posting of his own, over on his MySpace page. This is just the thing for those of you disgusted with my habit of clustering these shows into 100 meg zip files. Those of you with little tolerance for MySpace can visit the KCAC Lives! blog. There you'll find a playlist of all the tracks from my previous "Love Workshop" post, which you can listen to without having to download a damn thing!

Anyway, to make things a little easier, I've split up the Wayne files so that all tracks not previously offered here are together. Those can be found below in parts one and two. The next two feature material offered before, but in some cases the sound is better, or the routines are more complete or in the correct order. No jury in the work would convict you if you wanted to download all four parts. I've also included track information for those who are interested.

Meanwhile, to facilitate access to info about the show from a more central location, I've combined all the "Love Workshop" content on this site onto one page, which can be accessed from the menu bar above.

And coming soon: an exclusive interview with one-half of the "Love Workshop" team, Wonderful Russ Shaw. Watch for it!

    Download Part One (EXPIRED)

  1. Visit To A Mobile Home/Four Wheel Drive Ham Radio Club/The Edge Of Maryvale/Setting Dexter Straight/A Letter From Don Shula
  2. Stewardess & Secretary Behavior Modification Center/Coon Line/Mary McCarthy's Poem/A Letter From MIT
  3. Live Coverage Of The Crucifixion/Alcoholism In America/Barbi Button Suicide Letter/Vern Rant
  4. The Yelling Show/A Letter From Margaret Hance
  5. The Variety Machine/Trapped Miners/Somebody Has To Lose/A Letter From Patrick Moynahan
  6. Jesus Christ: Air Conditioning Repairman
  7. Frog Night

    Download Part Two (EXPIRED)

  1. Guessing Games/Convenience Market/American Women's Credit And Trust/A Letter From Shecky Hallenberg
  2. A Telephone Conversation/A Funny Letter
  3. The News/Circus Commercial/Vern & Craig's Last Name Song
  4. Arizona State Prison Show
  5. Special 90 Minute Communism Show/Vern & Craig Song
  6. Donut Tria/A Letter From Gary Nelson
  7. The Music Show/Grocery Store Song

    Download Part Three (EXPIRED)

  1. Anita Bryant Orange Juice Commercial/Cryptographer Joke/A Letter From Alexander Solzhenitsyn
  2. Queers In The News/John Adamson: Master Criminal/Cheryl Finley Cooks A Potato/A Letter From Joan Embrey: Baby Kangaroo
  3. Mexican Space Probe/American Women's Credit And Trust/Mexican Top 40 Comedy Record/A Letter From Marilyn Liebermanq
  4. Johnny Involved: Private Eye/American Women's Credit And Trust/This Is Your Wretched Life/Another Letter From Shecky Hallenberg
  5. ASU Football/American Women's Credit And Trust/Brand New Material!/Hobby Handbook/A Letter From...?
  6. Friday Afternoon At Victoria Station/A Letter From Joan Embrey: Koala
  7. Focus On Rapping: Insurance
  8. Bonus Track: Lou Grubb Commercial
  9. Bonus Track: The Surgery Store
  10. Bonus Track: KDIL

    Download Part Four (EXPIRED)

  1. Apartheid In Phoenix/Decorating For The Poor/Teen Consciousness/A Message From Bill Compton
  2. Project: Suffering/A Message From Charles Manson/Hobby Handbook/Andy Williams Christmas Special/A Letter From The Earl Of Snowden
  3. Patrika And The Baby
  4. American Heritage: The Patio/A Letter From Betty Ford
  5. Where's Craig/Steps To Approaching The Rape Victim/A Letter From Joan Embrey: Egret
  6. DES Fashion Show/John Adamson Dancing To A Shadowy Tune/Pima Gymnastics
  7. The Science Of Comedy/Little Jimmy Harrold/Reaching Out To Touch And Share '76/Bobby Basket's Gay CB Radio Record
  8. A Light Snack