Mount Rushmore, 1938

by Derrick Bostrom

I travelled all over the United States when I was in a touring band, but I never made it up to the Dakota Territory. Consequently, I never got to see the Black Hills, the Badlands or Mount Rushmore. This summer, my wife and I finally made the pilgrimage.

We probably should have made the trip before we became vegans, however. Buffalo meat was on every menu. If we hadn't packed lots of food to take with us, we might have starved. As it was, we took a couple of ill-advised culinary gambles which left me feeling ill on more than one occasion. But what the hell: I got to see my stone presidents.

We took our fair share of photos, and even took our video camera out on its maiden outing (I'm afraid to even look at the footage). But none of them came anywhere near to being as cool as the ones my wife recieved from an old friend of the family when we got back. It seems her family made the trek back in the late 30s while the carving was still incomplete.

Unfortunately, whoever scanned them had a little trouble with his equipment. The pixels on these pix are a big as the pores on giant Abe Lincoln's nose. But, to paraphrase the military, you post with the jpegs you've got. Regardless, they're a treat, if only for a glimpse into the safety standards of the era. And how about that guy standing in the middle of the Badlands in a suit and tie? That's some commitment.