Postcard Collection: New York City

by Derrick Bostrom

I made my first visits to New York City as a touring musician, but my experiences were of a no less hayseed variety: getting lost looking for a public restroom, getting lost trying to follow directions after dark ("go east after exiting the subway..."), and my greatest moment: waking up in the back of the van, thinking I was in Buffalo and getting lost.

Eventually, I graduated from the back of a van to an actual hotel bed, as my career elevated me from the notorious CBGBs men's room to the posh washrooms of mid town. My band-mates and I would bounce from one office building to the next, discussing the poor quality of our music with the record company, the poor quality of our finances with the accountants, and the poor quality of our contracts with the lawyers. In between, we got to partake of some mighty fancy restaurants (all charged to the band, no doubt).

Now that I've returned to civilian life, my visits to The City are much less frequent. So I supplement my experiences vicariously, using visual aids. In addition to  books and videos, I've also got the family postcard collection. And while I doubt there's little I can add to the vast plethora of Manhattania already available on the web, here they are anyway: