Stamp Collection Part Three: Northern Europe

by Derrick Bostrom

Tempe, Arizona is a college town adjacent to Phoenix, home of the Arizona State Sun Devils. I lived there for fifteen years, moving from my mom's house at the ripe old age of 25, using proceeds from the smash hit Meat Puppets album, "Up On The Sun." I lived with my bass player and his girlfriend for a while, until I set up housekeeping in a cool old duplex with a young woman of my own. Shortly after that relationship crashed to the ground, the house itself was demolished. So I moved in with another couple -- aguy who roadied for us occasionally and his girlfriend. This time, the house was a darling old red brick bungalo with inadequate air conditioning.

Soon the girlfriend moved out and the roadie decided to follow another band to Seattle. He tried to mitigate the money he owed me by leaving a bunch of his junk behind in a storage room adjacent to the garage. One afternoon, in a fit of reclamation, I got rid of it. I traded the records for credit, donated the clothes to charity, hung on to a couple of interesting publications, including the stamps in this series, and threw the rest out.

I can't believe my old roomate ever collected stamps; he must have hung on to these for sentimental reasons. Or else, he acquired them himself from another past roomate who owed him money. They are definitely not the coolest dustcatchers lying around my house, nor the most valuable. I'd have to devote my life to researching the variances in printing and postmark to see if I have any profound rarities. Otherwise, I'd probably have to pay a collector to take them off my hands. The only real value they have to me is creating a nice big Flickr checkerboard.

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