The Damon Show, Part Two

by Derrick Bostrom

The masses have spoken: you LOVE The Damon Show! Actually that's not true. Compared to the numbers that followed Boing Boing's link to our "The Little Cloud" filmstrip, only a small handful bothered to check out the other material on my YouTube "channel." But that's okay; Damon's fans like it -- especially those folks who were actually in the show! This is problematic, since he keeps getting requests for footage that only exists in my collection on old video cassettes buried heaven knows where in one of my closets. I'm a loving brother and all, and certainly the cruddy VCR copies should be preserved one day, but for now, I'm sticking to stuff that's already in the can.

Which brings us to this week's offering. One of my brother's most prolific and constant collaborators on the show was David Martin, who appeared as "Knowledge" in our last "Damon Show" installment, and who features quite prominently this time around. He shares the spotlight with our host in their version of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill's "Army Song." Interiors for this piece were filmed in Bisbee's historic Copper Queen hotel. Martin then reports from a Tucson bookstore, where they unsuccessfully attempt to cover a book signing by Dan Quayle.

The highlight of our second clip is a short piece by Bisbee resident and San Francisco Renaissance expat, Knute Stiles. A noted abstract artist, poet and art critic, Stiles is probably best known for starting the legendary North Beach bohemian bar, The Place. There, along with co-proprietor Leo Krikorian, Stiles started the dadaist open mike events which came to be known as "Blabbermouth Night." Here, Stiles pays tribute to Bisbee's "neighborhood rapist," a particularly aggressive tabby named Max.