In Praise Of Dave Markey

by Derrick Bostrom in


The Meat Puppets first discovered filmaker Dave Markey through his 1984 film "Desperate Teenage Lovedolls." We got to know Dave after his band Painted Willie joined the SST roster. We officially became collaborators of a sort when he included our version of Black Flag's "No Values" in the soundtrack to his 1986 film "Lovedolls Superstar."

It wasn't until 1995 that we actually got to work with him. That's when we pursuaded Polygram to hire Dave on to make the video for our "Scum" single. That was an ambitious little project: a decently-budgeted affair conceived by Curt and Dave during an inspired "breakout session." It's the only video in which we got to "act" as well as lip synch. It was also our last one, and probably the final project Cris, Curt and I all worked on together.

You can find the "Scum" video, as well as the one he did with Curt for Eyes Adrift's "Alaska," on Dave's We Got Power site. You'll also find the entire original soundtrack for "Lovedolls Superstar" up there, as well as a whole slew of content not even remotely connected to the Meat Puppets (what's up with that??).

Here's "Scum"

Here's  the "Lovedolls Superstar" soundtrack

Coincidentally, just as I was preparing this post I got email from Dave. It turns out his new edition of "Lovedoll Superstars" is being released March 2006. He's given the film a proper digital transfer, as well as a cleaned-up soundtrack and some fresh edits. Like a lot of music-heavy film projects from the past, not all the licensees signed on. Our "No Values" track, baggaged with moribund ties to the SST empire, was one of those that did not make the cut. But Dave was gracious enough to substitute another nugget of ours, "Teenager(s)," which can also be found on the reissue of  "Meat Puppets II." But since you've probably already got that one -- and since Dave's giving away all the rest of his Puppets-related content for free -- you're left with no other recourse than to order the Lovedolls Superstar DVD from Amazon.