Live at City Gardens - Trenton, New Jersey - May 9, 1987

by Derrick Bostrom in

This is a tape of a show from about midway through our first tour for the Mirage album.

We rehearsed costantly in preparation for this tour. We bought lots of new gear, followed a regimen of diet and exercise, and even took herbal "performance enhancers" like ma huong and ginseng before the shows. (These probably bolstered our confidence more than our stamina.)

We were determined to put on a "professional show." You can hear it in the rather subdued, almost polite stage patter in between songs. You can tell we're concentrating, trying hard to "recreate" the "Mirage" material. Even such elusive live rarities as "Beauty'" "The Mighty Zero" and "A Hundred Miles" are still in the set list. They would be dropped by the end of the year.

As you can tell from the recording, we're comporting ourselves reasonably well, valiantly attempting all the difficult parts and tricky time changes from both "Mirage" and "Out My Way." Attention is paid to pacing, and though it never actually happens, an effort is made to offer up  solid vocal performances. We're still pretty sloppy, but consistantly so. You can even hear us attempt three part harmony on "Mirage," The Wind And The Rain" and "I Am A Machine." Yours Truly even has a solo lead vocal on "Bad Boy."

It was also our first tour with Dave Claassen behind the sound desk. From this point on, we managed to record just about every show, either getting board tapes, air tapes or both. Unfortunately, on this tour, we had not yet seen the wisdom of procuring decent media, so the recordings are a little murky.

By the end of the tour, however, we pretty much decided that doing this sort of material night after night was a drag. We jettisoned the stuff we didn't enjoy playing, and began woodshedding a set of comparative "barn burners," which became the "Huevos" album. We focused on creating more energy on stage, got looser still, and started breaking our songs open into extended jams and medleys. The party was just beginning.



Not Swimming Ground

Lake Of Fire

Quit It


Get On Down



Love Our Children Forever

Out My Way


Swimming Ground

A Hundred Miles

The Mighty Zero

The Wind & The Rain

I Am A Machine

She’s Hot


Bad Boy

Lost/See See Rider

Burn The Honky Tonk Down

Baby What Do You Want Me to Do

Up On The Sun

I’m Bad I’m Nationwide

White Lightning

Maidens Milk