Meat Puppets 1980-1996

by Derrick Bostrom in

For fifteen years Curt Kirkwood, his brother Cris and I pursued a uniquely personal vision of whimsy, chaos and musical glory. Resisting both easy stylistic categorization and accepted standards of professionalism, we hammered together an uncompromising approach to indie rock that won us a legion of devoted followers. (Well, several brigades at least -- certainly a division.) So what if our managers, our record labels, the media and the rest of the real world saw us as just another willfully sloppy trio of drug addicts intent on squandering opportunities for the big cash-in? We had stars in our eyes and our eyes on the stars, and it was our very misanthropy that propelled us into orbit.

In the ten-plus years since its debut, has been a promotional tool, a joke book, a spin generator and even a field of flame battle. And now it’s an historical archive, a place to share personal reflections and items from my collection. As such, this site drops all pretense of representing an “official” program of fan outreach, and I as an individual don’t claim to offer anything other than my own perspective on the days of the original trio.

So that’s the content disclaimer. Here’s the technical one. I’ve tested the software that runs this site on most but not all modern browsers. In the process I’ve managed to break it on several occasions, and I’m sure I’ll do it again. If you’re not loving your user experience, either check back later, or better yet upgrade to the latest and greatest browser of your choice.

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