Live: Meat Puppets on SNAP! 1986 - UPDATED

by Derrick Bostrom in

UPDATED - After posting my incomplete  version of the January 16, 1986 "SNAP!" show, I got a couple of emails from fans offering to send me  a complete copy. Props go out to Algophana and Craig Bayer for their assistance. A quick review of Craig's CD revealed it to be about as good as mine, fidelity-wise, so I ripped it and cleaned it up as best I could. I've replaced the old zip file with a fresh one. I'll save the filler live tracks for another time.

This recording was our first appearance on Deirdre O'Donoghue's "SNAP!" radio program. We were about two months away from recording "Out My Way," so the tracks from that album are still in infancy. You can tell  we're not quite comfortable with those songs:  I haven't settled into a groove on some of them yet, and Curt's still getting his lyrics together. It was a little tricky getting loose for the session. We wore headphones, I was in an isolation booth, and there was small group of people sitting around on the floor, staring up at us. The first couple of tracks are a little stiff, but it's a good performance for the most part despite the odd cringe-worthy moment.

This rip is taken from an old cassette, and the sound quality reflects it.I've tried to clean the sound up as best as I could, but it's not close to pristine. The tracks are all in one big zip file, about 90 megs.

Visit the Wohlers Live Puppets Repository to download this show.

Here's the track list:

Snap! (KCRW) - Santa Monica CA - Jan 16, 1986:

1. Introduction

2. Swimming Ground

3. Maiden's Milk

4. Up On The Sun

5. Rubberneckin'

6. Oh Me

7. Climbing

8. Out My Way

9. Rock and Roll

10. Lost

11. Buckethead

12. Earth Angel

13. She's Hot

14. I Just Wanna Make Love To You

15. Other Kinds Of Love

17. Barbeque/Move It On Down The Line

18. Not Swimming Ground

19. No Quarter

20. Evil