Miscellaneous Lyrics

by Derrick Bostrom in


Of all the people I've known / This one, you, you really hit home / Half a dozen of one thing / And a decade of another / You tried to change the time / when you stole it from your mother / I'd put my hat on my head if I had one / Lord knows what he's got in store / Everything is shaped by a cross / And you'd do as easy as the next one / better open my eyes now / Everything at the door

best keep my eyes closed / I want to see the lights of Elenore / Of all the people left unknown / You taught me how to be alone / Elenore Moth-god, daughter of the hot-rod / Light like liquid moss covers up / The gray hard rock

lyrics by Curt Kirkwood (C)(P) 1981 Meat Puppets Music(BMI)


I want to watch the sun / Burn the backs of my eyes out / While my heart plays a tune / I want to roll on the ground / Eat shit off the ground like a pig / If I could be oriented / I would be happy

This is not all / There is much more on the floor / Than there is on the table / Like pins and half-tendons / Leaked like glue from a tube / A random search reveals / Worms at the base of my spine / But my eyes have yet to decay / I've been left here  / With my torso and my eyes / To keep a watch on the place / Where glass birds keep a watch / On the big yellow ovaries

lyrics by Curt Kirkwood (C)(P) 1985 Meat Puppets Music(BMI)


This house is so damn big that we all hide forever inside

We do it daily but the beneficial remains unrealized

This is the big house

nobody ever leaves

The whole thing vibrates slightly

I can feel that you're afraid

Frightened is a state of mind

States of mind are harmful

They make you think that think that things are about to become undone

lyrics by Curt Kirkwood (C)(P) 1985 Meat Puppets Music(BMI)


We will compare / We will be king / Gonna be all tongues / We with our us / You with your tongues / Gonna make it to the time / On is us / Is very us / Don't down with my number; take it / Don't you wash with my down / The top is very us

lyrics by Derrick Bostrom (C)(P) 1982 Meat Puppets Music(BMI)