"Rare Meat!" - A Fan's Compilation

by Derrick Bostrom in

I still like to keep abreast of what's being said about my old group. And if it floats my boat sufficiently, I'll poach it for inclusion here. Case in point: I've long toyed with the idea of putting together a "lost album" of sorts, all the various promotional tracks and b-sides released during our Polygram days, but never collected anywhere, and for the most part no longer in print.

If there were anyone left at that label with a clue, I wouldn't need to take such a project on myself, it'd get an official release. Now, thanks to Meat Puppets Yahoo Message Board member "nathang78," I don't have to do a damned thing; he's done it for me. His "Rare Meat compilation includes all the tracks from the Polygram days and as many others as he can find, including stuff from the "Classic Meat" album, the "Keats Rides A Harley" comp, and the much-desired "You Love Me" EP, offered as a giveaway back during Curt's first attempt to reform the band eight years ago.

You can download the 180 meg rar file HERE (password=meatpuppets)

From nathang78's included readme.txt:

Except what is missing as listed below, This is meant to be a comprehensive

collection of tracks from various compilation, soundtrack, single, and

promotional CDs.

Missing from this collection:

-"We Don't Exist (Remix)" because it does not sound noticably different from the

album version.

-"Bali Ha'i" and "Goodnight Irene" because they are not available on CD.

These tracks are presented in (more or less) chronological order and original

CD's track order where applicable.

These MP3s are encoded at 192Kbps with LAME 3.97, Except track 18, which is

256Kbps with LAME 3.93. Source CD and other information is located in the

"Comment" tags of the MP3 files.


01 - No Values

02 - The Losing End

03 - Light (Demo)

04 - Meltdown (Live)

05 - Strings On Your Heart (Demo)

06 - Funnel Of Love (Live)

07 - Rock And Roll (Live)

08 - Fuck You

09 - Animal

10 - Up On The Sun

11 - White Sport Coat

12 - El Paso City

13 - Lake Of Fire (Acoustic)

14 - Lake Of Fire (Live)

15 - The House Of Blue Lights

16 - Price Of Paradise

17 - Not All Right

18 - Scum (Vapourspace Remix)

19 - Taste Of The Sun (Radio Version)

20 - The Adventures Of Pee Pee The Sailor

21 - Vampires (Live)

22 - Chemical Garden (Live)

23 - Tenessee Stud

24 - Tast Of The Sun (Mark Trombino Mix)

25 - Taste Of The Sun (Live)

26 - Unexplained

27 - New Leaf (Demo)

28 - Vegetable's Opinion

29 - Monkey Dance

30 - Been Caught Itchin'

31 - God's Holy Angels

32 - Diaper

33 - Oh Me

Thanks to StArSeEd for providing tracks 13, 14, 18, and 33.