Rejected "No Joke" Cover Concepts

by Derrick Bostrom in

"...I was tinkering with a lot of the textures and a lot of the parts and stuff. I worked on them on my computer and what was really fun about it was that we were able to transfer the files by dial up to the designer who finalized the project in New York. I did a lot of mock-ups of a lot of different covers. A lot of it was just goofy shit that I still have, like, a [half] dozen or so mock-ups that I still have that I printed out... that I should scan and put online. They’re pretty cute....This one was the first seriously new computer age, digital age, project in terms of the cover....It’s a stupid looking cover. It’s computer graphics gimmickry circa 1995....It’s one of those things where you take a piece of art or photo or whatever and then you apply Photoshop filters to it and you think you’re fucking Rembrandt."

from A "No Joke!" Interview with Derrick Bostrom, November 3, 2012