Shaved Neck: Derek "Meatpuppet" Bostrom's World

by Derrick Bostrom in

Back in the mid-80's, I recieved an offer from Tucson's alternative newpaper, the "Newsreel" for a series of comic strips. I mailed off a small collection of my favorites and waited excitedly for them to see print.  But my enthusiasm was somewhat blunted when I saw that they hadn't used my title for the strip, which was "Your Favorite Comics." Instead, they called it "Derek 'Meatpuppet' Bostrom's World."  Not only had they mispelled my name (and the band's), but their title made me feel like they considered my work worthless outside the context of the Puppets.  Furthermore, it was just a embarrassingly clumsy title.

I fired off a letter the the "Newsreel" expressing my displeasure, and got a reply from the head honcho, saying in effect that I was an ingrate. This was my first experience with Jon Rosen, who soon folded the mag and eventually moved to Phoenix. In 1987, Cris and I appeared on a radio show he was hosting. Cris' bad behavior led Jon to remove us from his playlists. A couple of years, Cris mended his fences and the two of them became friends. In fact, Jon became one of the Meat Puppets' biggest boosters.

As we got more successful and moved in every-widening circles, we met more folks like Jon,  a proud league of grassroots independent promotors that coalesced around the independent music scene. I daresay none of us could have done it without them.

Anyway, here's the comic, from the Shaved Neck site: Derek 'Meatpuppet' Bostrom's World.