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By 1982, the Meat Puppets were all living together: dogs, girlfriends, hangers-on (i.e. drummers), all of squeezed into one little house in Phoenix's historic Fairview district. None of us worked (well, the girlfriends did, but that stopped shortly after they moved in). I slept in the practice room behind the drums and subsisted on coins cadged from under the sofa cushions.

In the fall, we all moved clear out to Peoria. We stayed there until Curt's twins were born, after which I moved back in with my mom and everybody else relocated closer to the center of town. The first two of these pix are from the Peoria compound. Note the three-foot high dead weeds behind us in the first photo.

The next two were taken the same year on a couple different west coast tours. I don't remember the location of  the waterfall (probably somewhere around Yosemite), but I know the book I'm holding is about Elvis. The target practice took place on a mountain near Bakersfield. Our van got stuck on the way back down, so I had to walk a couple hours to a filling station for a tow.

The next two pix are from a 1985 visit to Graceland. That's me at the King's graveside, and that's Cris across the street in the gift shop that had Elvis' plane in front of it. I bought a cool shirt with the TCB logo on it. I still have the shirt, but it no longer fits.

Eventually, we all moved down to Tempe and wound up in separate houses. But we were still within walking distance of each other. Basically, we lived in each others laps for about a dozen years. Curt eventually moved to California, settling finally in Texas.

The final pic was taken in New York, at the party where we received our gold records for "Too High To Die." I still have mine; it hangs in the back bedroom, right under my wife's college diploma.

Meat Puppets Snapshot 1

Meat Puppets Snapshot 2

Meat Puppets Snapshot 3

Meat Puppets Snapshot 4

Derrick & Elvis

Cris & Elvis

Gold Record PArty