"Soup" - The Bethel Compilation

by Derrick Bostrom in

I got another great bite the other day while trolling the web with my ego feeds. Amidst the endless social networking pages ("Now Playing: Backwater"), reviewer hype ("original drummer Derrick Bostrom declined to participate") and right wing rants against so-called lapdogs of the "liberal media," I found another effort by a generous fan. Once again, I am saved by my energetic constituency from having to expend any effort. The European cassette-only "Bethel" compilation dates back from 1983, and traces its origin to an offer to contribute to a collection of "industrial" artists. Since the Meat Puppets were busy mining country and classic rock at the time, we were somewhat unsure of our place alongside of  such artists as Boyd Rice, Foetus and Nurse With Wound. But I dutifully snipped a few minutes from a warm-up noise jam from one of our home rehearsals and sent it in. At one point, Curt says, "I blow my nose in your soup." After the recording cuts off, entirely by accident, the next thing on the tape is my voice saying, "I think I'll have a bowl of soup." Impressed by the odd serendipity, I left it on the submission. Unfortunately, the compilers didn't catch on, and faded the track out before my spoken line. Disappointed, I listened to "Bethel" once then threw it into the archives. There were to be better Pups noise jams over the years, and this one had little to recommend it.

But fans have clamored for this track ever since I included it in my band discography. Thanks to Cranio and his "The Thing On The Doorstep" blog, I can cross that one off my list. And now that you've heard it, so can you. One interesting item of note: my copy came in a thin cardboard box with skeletons riding bikes printed on it. Cranio's copy appears to have come in standard cassette packaging with a teal cover.

The Thing On The Doorstep: Various - Bethel