Tab Vault

by Derrick Bostrom in

I don't have much use for tabs and never did. But there was a time when I collected them and encouraged fans to send them in. Then I got the impression that we were gonna talk somebody into putting out a Meat Puppets songbook, so I took 'em down. That never happened, but I'm still not interested in messing with tabs. But someone else might, so here's over a hundred of them zipped up in one easy-to-download archive:

Meat Puppets Tab Archive

The individuals responsible are listed below (and if any are less than grateful for their inclusion here, I hope they'll let me know post haste.) Most are rendered in the popular HTML markup language and should be easily viewable in the browser of your choice. 

Please note: I'm not going to add any more tabs to this site. Instead of sending them to me, the tab fans among you ought to pool your resources and build a fan page of your own, using one of the many free hosting options available.

The archive should include (but is not limited to) the following:

"Poisoned Arrows" by Luke A Simpson.

"Head" by Luke A Simpson.

"Inflatable" by Luke A Simpson.

"Predator" by Luke A Simpson.

"Chemical Garden" by Rob DiCaterino.

"Sweet Ammonia" by Ryan Seilhamer.

"Cobbler" by Linus Schioler.

"Cobbler" by Kenn Knowles.

"Taste Of The Sun" by David B.

"Sweet Ammonia" by David B.

"Eyeball" by Kenn Knowles.

"Eyeball" by Ryan Seilhamer.

"For Free" by Tom Sugden

"Vampires" by Benoit Gunslay

"Vampires" by Christian Nanzell

"Vampires" by Tom Sugden

"Vampires" by Bourgeois Cedric.

"Vampires" by Ryan Seilhamer.

"Scum" by Ryan Seilhamer.

"Nothing" by Ryan Seilhamer.

"Evil Love" by Luke A Simpson.

"Shine" by Luke A Simpson.

"Comin' Down" by Kenny Fletcher

"Flaming Heart" by Kenny Fletcher

"Why?" by Tom P Sugden

"Why?" by Ryan Seilhamer.

"Backwater" by Nobody

"Never To Be Found" by Guillame Pasquier

"Never To Be Found" by Ryan Seilhamer.

"Station" by Peter Lesko.

"Station" by Howard the Duck

"Station" by Kenn Knowles.

"We Don't Exist" by Kenn Knowles.

"We Don't Exist" by Ryan Seilhamer.

"Severed Goddess Hand" by Steve R. Novak.

"Roof With a Hole" by Tom Sugden

"Roof With a Hole" by Nobody

"Violet Eyes" by Peter Lesko.

"Lake of Fire" by Lucas McDermott.

"Another Moon" by Luke A Simpson.

"This Day" by Luke A Simpson.

"Open Wide" by Luke A Simpson.

"This Day" by Ryan Seilhamer.

"Popskull" by Kenn Knowles.

"Nail It Down" by Nobody.

"Nail It Down" by the Meatking.

"That's How It Goes" by Tom Sugden

"This Day" and "That's How it Goes" by Yale J. Kaul

"No Longer Gone" by Kenn Knowles.

"Light" by Kenn Knowles.

"Meltdown" by Kenn Knowles.

"Strings On Your Heart" by Kenn Knowles.

"Bad Love" by Ryan Seilhamer.

"Sexy Music" by Ryan Seilhamer.

"Sexy Music" by David Issac.

"Fruit" by Ryan Seilhamer.

"Automatic Mojo" by Kenn Knowles.

"Look At The Rain" by Kenn Knowles.

"Mirage" by Nobody

"Confusion Fog" by Peter Nixon.

"Animal Kingdom" by Luke A Simpson.

"Away" by Luke A Simpson.

"Up On the Sun" by Helio Gomez

"Up On the Sun" by Yale J. Kaul

"Up On the Sun" by Jimmy Turner

"Swimming Ground" by Peter Nixon.

"Plateau" by Heath Holcomb

"I'm A Mindless Idiot" by Matt Beaton

"I'm A Mindless Idiot" by Kenny Fletcher

"Oh Me" by Christian Nanzell.

"Oh Me" by Ryan Seilhamer.

"Climbing" by John D Long.

"Split Myself In Two" by Kenn Knowles.

"We're Here" by Michael McCullough

"Magic Toy Missing" by Yale J. Kaul

"Lake of Fire" by Peter Nixon.

"Lake of Fire" by Tom Sugden

"Aurora Borealis" by Nick Rutkowski.

"Aurora Borealis" by Ryan Seilhamer.

"Walking Boss" by Michael Patrick McCullough.

"Milo, Sorghum and Maize" by Nick Rutkowski.

"Melons Rising" by Kenn Knowles.

"Big House" by John D. Long.

"In A Car" by Kenn Knowles.

"Animal" by Jimmy Turner

"I Just Want to Make Love to You" by Jimmy Turner

"No Values" by Jimmy Turner