"Too High To Die" Lyrics

by Derrick Bostrom in

VIOLET EYES Mother master, some things must be / Plastic Master this is to free / You give off a dark / Seems larger than life / Violet Eyes / Plastic master, smoke drits from a rose / Timber empire, able to explode / Cut open the box / Out rushes the night / Violet eyes / Plastic baby / rope drifts through open holes / Robot kingdom, fables will explode / Cut open the box / Out rushes the night / Violet eyes


The horizon breaks to pieces / And the mainline is the twilight / And the giant net has a perfect window / Passage through has the ticket screaming / I want a mind / I'll tell you what I find / No severed goddess hand / No plaster in my eye / No picture of a lamb / No goddess hand have I / I'm a picture of a goddess / Of a planet in the window / Through a tiny hole in the giant curtain / I have watched as it stood undressing / I want more more eyes / I wanta see my lies / In the silence of the neurons / Where the pathway has been printed / There’s a gleaming hope for an understanding / Timing s gone and there's been no planning / Two heads. one dream / Two-thirds a crowd it seems


You got wings on your fingers / In the middle of a battle / Is a little of the way you talk / And you shine / You got cobwebs on your halo / In the closet there are skeletons / Lined up and ready to talk / And they shine / Fade into what / Made into hours / And pulled into lines / Yen got a ring around your finger  / And a heart in the bottle / That never really learned to talk / And they shine / You got brickbats on your beltway  / In the middle is a puzzle / With the pieces that have turned to slop  / And they shine


Every thought's a game / A pack of chimps I cannot tame / You’re wondering who to blame / Now your ride has come up lame / Fortress full of hate / Fears and hopes all pound the gate / Too early, it’s too late / What is evil, which is great / Pigs are sheep and cats are dogs / And thoughts are made of Lincoln Logs / To tend to the mice and wood / Where black is blue add bad is good / Thoughts that I keep my money in  / Melt some wax and chunks of tin  / Forget your name, how to walk and ignore  / The light shining in from under the door  / Thoughts like foam through a foam device  / Liquid bread and rubber ice  / Mike a promise, grow teeth, go to bed  / Wake up when you re dead


The colors are flowing from the wall to the floor / And only an outline still remains / Cause the roof's got a hole in it / And everything’s been ruined by the rain / There may be diamond, in that dream on the hill / But the people who live there still complain / Cause the roof s got a hole in it / And everything is soaking in the rain / No one can practice common sense that they see / Through the nickel and diming I'll explain / When the roof's got a note in it / Everything gets ruined by the rain / My head's got a hole in it / And everything's been ruined by the rain


We got road, we got time so we’re out of here  / we got rows, we got rows as far as we see / In the dust we can see your catastrophe  / Shining dimly like a mudslick in the sun  / Sparks fly from their eyes  / Birds fly from their mouths  / Echoing off this procession is a sound  / Never to be found  / With a tip of the hat we would exit here  / Off you go with a pie on your face  / Down the road we can see the electric chair  / Who’ll be first? I don't knew it's a race  / With a drop of the fly we would exit here / Off you go with the crumbs on your face / One-eyed clown in the road with electric hair  / At his best he’s a total disgrace


We don't exist  / We eat our time  / We don’t resist  / It’s not alright / What I want out of this / What I need out of this / Cayenne / We don't exist  / Night after night  / We fall aprt / It’s quite alright


Praise the sight  / Someone dropped a ball on me  / Damn the wind  / Giving life to sails  / Human sin  / Couldn't stir a fire in me  / Damn the night / As the powers fail / And one beam of light is falling / From a single crazy eye / And it sweeps the inside sky / From east to right / Flaming heart burning out / Pray tonight / Someone burns a name on me / Damn the sight / Painted on my eyes / Back to life / Passing through the wall to me / Feel the fire / Violet, black and white / Late tonight / Someone pinned a tail on me / Later on / Someone robbed me blind / Talk my life / Took my box of chicken teeth / Take the blame / Trusted enemy


Shadowed is the gaem / Rodent be thy claim / Any open door / Leads to instant things / Make me go away / Take me to a place / Do some things to me / Make me go away / Ancient things design / Make me go away / Over is the game / Captured have you been / Twisted was part two / Ageless is the end / Things we must not do / Must not walk through walls / Also also don’t / Do some things we did / Is this thing an oak? / What kind of a tree / This here must be swept / Must do instant things / The smell of blue perfume / Present in design / I’ve a need to talk / Let us speak of things / Nothing do I know / Loudly do I ring / Also also don’t / Do some things we did / Make me go away


Why must I move so slow / In my heart I can’t let it go / And dreams fall into my eyes / In the night I have no disguise / Why does it seem to go / Fall apart in lies / Seems we will never know / Always asking why / Please let us stop this now / No it don’t matter anyhow / This heart’s trivialities / Are the worlds’s sole realities / I know that it’s over now / But I still want it anyhow / This heart’s sole realities / Are the world’s trivialities


Comin’ down from the mountain / I have seen the high and mighty / I will go again some day / But for now I’m comin’ down / Comin’ down from the mountain / I have seen the lofty glory / I will go again some day / But for now I’m comin’ down / I have seen their information  / On the lighter side of dumbness / I have heard the new statistics  / And the stompin’ on the ground / Picking slowly up the rockside / One thing always seems apparent / If the clib becomes too much / I can always turn around / Wakin’ up from my slumber / To misunderstand another / Though they call it terrae firma / It dissolves beneath my feet / Looking through a pile of garbage / For some worthless piece of paper / That’s been hidden there for me / To give meaning to my day / Goin’ down to the desert / To the dirty filthy desert / I’ll be crawling through the sand / For at least a couple days / Going down to the desert / There are things there worth avoiding / And it always makes me cross / When those things get in my way


Last hand that I shook  / Was a boat that floated on it’s back all day / In the middle of a song / About trees that are scared of the dark / Wait until you’re gone / To steal some thoughts from offa the shelf / To trade for hats / With holes that let the night shine through / Exchange our fears for little glass holes / And broken dreams of bent-backed trolls / Who’ll tend the trees and what’s in between / The sky above is aglow with evil love / The boat sank offshore / In a birdbath dreamt by a broken wheel / Left by the side of the road / Right where the night slipped and fell / And if I ever had / They couldn’t tell; if we were they didn’t know / She might but if she did / They can’t, you must, I won’t / Turn our tears to little black holes / To light the way for three blind moles / Who’ll tend the trees and what’s in between / The sky above is aglow with evil love


And in the morning when I wake up / To feel the daybreak on my face / There’s blood that’s flowin’ through the feeling / With a knife to open up the sky’s vein / Some things never change / They just stand there looking backwards / Half unconscious from the pain / They may seem rearranged / In the backwater swirling / There is something that’ll never change / And when I shoulda been gone a long time / Laughs and says I find ways / Just when we’re sheltered under paper / The rockets come at us sideways / Hey I’m blind / Good fine / Roll the time / On whose dime / And in the morning when I wake up / To feel the daybreak on my face / There’s blood that’s flowin’ through the ceiling / With a knife to open up the sky’s vein /

All lyrics by Curt Kirkwood

except "Station" and "Evil Love" by Cris Kirkwood

Lyrics reprinted with permission

All songs ©1994 Songs Of PolyGram International Inc. and  Meat Puppets Music (BMI)

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