Your Favorite Little Podcast: Episode Eight

by Derrick Bostrom

I decided to start Bostworld about two years ago. Following the example of Merlin Mann's 43 Folders and the rest of the lifehackers, a took a quick personal inventory, and realized how unhappy I was to be making no effort whatsoever to move forward my long held, but long put-off desire to pursue the art of the crafted sentence. So, I jettisoned a couple of legacy zero-sum freelance clients, installed a copy of WordPress and started blogging. I haven't made a dime off my efforts, but I'm happier and busier than ever. Meanwhile, my personal capitol must be going up, because new opportunities to work for free on other folks' projects keep rolling in.

For instance, I've been recording fundraising spots for, where I host a weekly music program. They must be desperate for cash, because as cheesy as they are, the station plays the damn spots at least once an hour. Of course, if they don't raise the money, I may not have any reason to record any more. Lux only needs paltry few thousand dollars to keep the station running, but hey: this is the internet we're talking about. Paying customers are few and far between. Of course, if everyone who reads this blog were to head on over and give 'em even five or ten bucks, it would most likely make a huge difference.

If free content is more your thing, now you can jump over to the WFMU blog, where they've graciously commenced hosting individual Love Workshop programs from my collection, complete and unzipped for easy review.

But the loggrolling doesn't stop there. As of this month, I am now an official contributor to 43 Folders itself! My first effort is already online, and -- god help me -- it's already been seen by more people than visit this site in a year. My article is less about productivity than it is about the lack of same, but I think it's a good start. I'd like think Merlin's admiration of Bostworld led him to make this offer, but I imagine he's probably more impressed by the cred from my former life than by the kitschy downloads and paeans to local squalor found here. In fact, I'm sure of it! But who knows: if the collaboration proves to be mutually satisfying, I might try to talk him into coming over here some time and sharing some of his guilty pleasures with us.

Oh yeah, before I forget: here's some more Bostrom-generated web content that I didn't get paid for:

"All Of Me" - Guitar Underground

"Lipton On The Move" - Lipton Tea

"I Still Believe In Tomorrow" - John & Anne Ryder

"Phoenix Love Theme (Senza Fine)" - Dick Hyman

"A Smile At Dawn" - Bebu Silvetti

"I Know My Daddy Loves Me" - Magic Of Love

"For A Few Dollars More" - Terranova

"The Not Too Distant Future" - Ivy League

"His Eyes, Her Eyes" - Michel Legrand

"Loving Things" - Today's People