Your Favorite Little Podcast: Episode Fifteen

by Derrick Bostrom

Last year, the best "new year's resolution" I could think of was "make better pictures." I don't know if I succeeded or not, but I had a new camera last year, so it seemed like the obvious choice. But this year, I'm back to my old tricks. The average person might announce, "I promise to lose ten pounds and keep it off at least until mid-November," or " I hereby resolve to finally begin and hopefully complete that tedious home improvement project that's been haunting the bottom of my to-do list," But I'm more inclined to redouble my efforts to shed attachments and cultivate acceptance of the inevitable. A lofty goal perhaps, but not exactly productive.

When I look at the world around me, I start to think this is less of a cop-out than it seems. More than ever, our entire physical, social, economical and political landscape seems ready to just fall away. What's the point of announcing, "this year, I resolve to separate my recyclables more carefully and think twice before I use my car to drive up to the corner," when it's so clear that decades of distancing ourselves from responsibility has left this country all but circling the drain? Why try to delay the inevitable? And besides, it's unlikely that when the boss up in Washington starts getting the itch to push that doomsday button of his, he probably won't stop to remind himself that Derrick made a greater effort this year to print on both sides of the paper.

But these are all just excuses; better that I just say it and be done with it and get on with my life: "this year, I resolve to make a greater effort to do things that will make my life a better one to live." Of course, what I really mean is "my best chance of making it out of this year in one piece is to lower expectations." Either way, it's all about sacrifice.

And now, we party:

"Love To Be Your Man" - The 13th Power

"Niagara Vizeses" - Tabanyi Mihaly Es Szolistai

"Young Girl" - The Raymonde Singers, Etcetera

"McCloud" - John Gregory Orchestra

"Yes I Understand" - The Flying Machine

"Rosemary's Baby" - The Brass Ring

"If This Isn't Love" - Dean Martin & The Hi Lo's

"Tell Me What You Want" - Armada Orchestra

"The New Generation" - Sqibb Pharmaceuticals

"Glide Time" - High Llamas