Your Favorite Little Podcast: Episode Four

by Derrick Bostrom

Not much excitement around these parts lately. Oh, well actually, we did experience the Slashdot Effect last week when Boing Boing featured one of our articles. Somehow, the Powers That Link were attracted to the Johnny Arthey album of British Invations covers we posted a couple weeks back. Must have been a slow news day. Anyway, whereas our previous album share of "Don Kirshner Cuts Hair" mustered only two dozen downloads, over eight hundred people downloaded the Arthey record.

Bostworld received this kind of attention about a year ago, when Boing Boing linked to an article of excerpts from an old Uncensored magazine. That time, fueled by the promise of smut and acerbated by the fact that the files were actually served from my shared host account, the onslaught of visitors took the whole site down (as well as its sister blog over at Meat Puppets Dot Com). Tech support wasn't much help: "Give us more money" they suggested, "or maybe take your business elsewhere."

Fortunately, I figured out what to do on my own. In the course of returning things to normal, I discovered that my chosen platform (WordPress) is considered a resource hog. I also learned some load-bearing strategies. So I'm happy to report that when the awesome power of Frauenfelder came knocking this time, though things did get a little wobbly, the site held.

Say what you will about file sharing services like Rapidshare, they kept me up and running. Thanks also to Ricardo Galli Granada, whose WP-Cache plug-in may or may not have helped me weather the storm.

Episode Four Tracklist:

"1900 Yesterday" - Liz Damon & Orient Express

"Oh Calcutta" - Ferrante & Teicher

"Mama, We're All Crazee Now / Didn't Know I Loved You (Til I Saw You Rock and Roll) / Come Along Girl" - Les Humphries Singers

"Desafinado" - Ten Tuff Guitars

"Where Would I Be Without You" - Hardy Boys

"Push" - Chakachakas

"Soul Ballet" - Peter Nero

"Oh John Henry" - John Henry Singers

"Something to Think About" - Bert Convy