Your Favorite Little Podcast: Episode Fourteen

by Derrick Bostrom

I didn't vote in the first presidential election I was eligible for. It was 1980, and my attention was elsewhere. I was right on the precipice of a fifteen-year hole that was to be my career as a rock and roller. Little did I know that America was poised on a precipice of its own.

I never made the mistake of not voting again. Even at my most fogbound, I managed to do my research and get myself to the polls. But I never actually participated in a campaign until this year. I not only donated actual money to the Obama campaign, but I guilted my wife into doing the same. And then on election day, we both took off work and spent the day calling folks in New Mexico.

Most of the people we called weren't home, but we were told not to leave messages; just keep going through the lists as quickly as we could. The folks who did answer were pretty evenly split between those who had already voted for Obama and parents of newly registered kids. "She's at school," they would tell me, "But I'm pretty sure she voted for Obama last week."

We averaged about a call a minute, with the whole group tallying up about three to five thousand calls an hour, depending on comings and goings. Since we both had to work the next day, my wife and I declined to go to the downtown after-party and instead watched the returns at home. It was a pretty exciting spectacle -- almost as exciting as when Nixon resigned.

Barack Obama has only been President-Elect for a couple weeks, but the guy we know from two years on the campaign has already vanished, subsumed by his new role. Now that the common goal he shared with his supporters is gone -- now that he belongs to all of us -- how can he help but disappoint his followers? It's all downhill from here.

Anyway, here's some music:

"The Big Bonanza" - Xanadu's Pleasure Dome

"The End of a Love Affair" - Chris Montez

"Warsaw Concerto" - Lalo Schifrin

"Lay A Little Love On Me" - The Cuff Links

"All Night Long" - Barry DeVorzon & Perry Botkin, Jr.

"Goodbye Sadness (Tristeza)" - The Young Americans

"Cinnamon" - Glenn Miller Orchestra

"Let's Do Something" - The Happenings

"Scorpio" - Vic Flick Sound

"The Town and The City" - Teenage Fanclub