Your Favorite Little Podcast: Episode One

by Derrick Bostrom

After getting laid off six years ago, I mostly just sat around at home at loose ends, listening to Luxuria Music. Then they themselves were all laid off, due to the station's acquisition and subsequent termination by the ubiquitous Clear Channel Communications. Robbed of my principal diversion, I filled the void with a show of my own. I dubbed it "Your Little Radio Show" and fed it out onto the web via a low-fi RealMedia stream, hosted by my father, (unbeknown to him). The weekly half hour ran for six months before I finally succumbed to a general malaise in the wake of the attacks on the World Trade Center and pulled the plug. I resurrected it shortly afterward as "Your Favorite Playlist" (a sop to the then embryonic craze for iTunes), but finally chickened out amid too much scary press about the consequences of "pirate" web broadcasting.

Recently, however, my friends the Teenage Fanclub have begun podcasting in a format very similar to the one I used. So, emboldened by their efforts, as well as a million share blogs (including my own), I've decided to offer the show once again, this time as a podcast. You can can either subscribe to it using the standard feed and the reader of your choice, or you can use the second link to load it directly into iTunes. To those of you unable to figure out how to get it to work, I can offer this reassurance in advance: I tested them both and they work fine for me. Your mileage may vary, but we'll see.

The memory of Luxuria (now happily resurrected and broadcasting with impunity once again) is apparent by my song choices: all lounge music, bubblegum and cheesy listening. In fact, this first episode is actually taken from a show I put together for Lux's old "Virtual Deejay" segment, which used to run at lunch time. On the day it was on, I dutifully logged into the Lux chat room, preparing to run interference during the broadcast. As it turned out, I wound up butting heads with their midday jock. For this current version of the program, I've left off her whithering on-air denunciation of me. My own unfortunate goofy voice-overs remain, however.

"Your Little Radio Show" was a labor of love for almost a year, and I still enjoy listening to it from time to time (though I like to think that my vinyl digitizing skills have improved a little since then). And I see no reason why I should deny Bostworld visitors the opportunity to share my enthusiasm, especially in the face of what's shaping up to be an inordinately hectic and busy year. Hopefully, "Your Favorite Little Podcast" will offer you as much pleasure as it will give me some breathing room.

Episode One Tracklist

"Slag Solution" - Buffalo's Band

"Mexico" by Long John Baldry

"Sad Old Kinda Movie" - Pickettywitch

"Airport Love Theme" - Johnny Pineapple

"I Apologize" - P.J. Proby

"Up Came Oil" - Exxon's "Spirit of Achievement"

"Bahia" - El Coco

"Shadows on a Foggy Day" - Frank Sinatra, Jr.

"Baby Portable Rock" - Pizzicato Five

"One Person" - The Goldiggers