Your Favorite Little Podcast: Episode Six

by Derrick Bostrom

"My world is just that small," as my wife would say.

A couple of Tuesdays back, I got a new job -- a promotion, actually. Nothing too amazing there; getting it was the easy part. The tough part will be filling the position I just vacated. Unfortunately, I can't hire myself, so I guess I'm kind of screwed. But what's really odd is the same day I got the job, my old partners in crime got started on their second act as well. Now that they released their "comeback" album, they're well on the way back into the hearts of guitar rock fans everywhere. Of course, I "declined to participate," as the reviewers tell me. And it's true. I can't imagine giving up sleeping in my own bed every night -- and even getting paid for the privilege (with benefits) -- to go back on the road and work the same club circuit I played 20 years ago.

Just the same, I got less congratulations for the promotion than people coming up to me, telling me how excited they were to see my picture in the papers (apparently, some of these newspapers need to update their photo archive). I tried to be as gracious as I could, but I silently thanked my lucky stars that no one's interested in airing my dirty laundry in public.

But there was another second act that week: Internet radio got a stay of execution. It's a somewhat dubious one, with ominous strings attached, but it's the only one we've got, so it will have to do. But another group of independent content providers was not so lucky. Without the benefit of the news blitz afford to new media, independent print publications took their lumps in the shadows, losing their campaign to overturn a ruling raising their postal rates by twelve to fifty percent. Many people didn't even find out about this one until the rates took effect -- coincidentally enough, on the same day royalty rates were supposed to kick in for online broadcasters.

Like my wife says: "small world."

Episode Six Track List:

"Clearway" - Saint Etienne

"Gone With the Wind" - Frankie Randall

"Love Me For a Day" - Davy Jones

"Discontented Disco Children" - Rock City Boys

"Window Shopping" - Magic Disco Machine

"Seaway" - Brian Fahey

"Under the Sea" - Doodletown Pipers

"This Is Love" - Archies

"Faraway Music/The Girl With The Sun

In Her Hair/Crossroads" - Alan Hankshaw

"Ask Me What You Want" - Terry Baxter