Your Favorite Little Podcast: Episode Ten

by Derrick Bostrom

I've been running a WordPress plugin called ShortStat for most of the life of this site. It's a great little time-waster at work, offering the standard innacurate hit counts, plus referral links that I can visit when I get bored. Occasionally, a new one will appear, but usually it's the same dozen or so sites whose readers apparently can't resist visiting good old Bostworld (god bless 'em).

This last week, ShortStat and I reached a milestone of sorts. No, we didn't log our millionth hit -- that's still a long way off. But we did banish a certain now-defunct share site from the list of the top most frequent referrers. A lot of you music lovers will remember this site, run a former music biz guy with an axe to grind (more so than the rest of us, anyway), posting every album he could get his hands on. He linked to our very first share post, "The Genius In Harmony" by the Anita Kerr Singers, and brought in so many referrals that we were swamped for the better part of two weeks. We were new back then, and the massive hit counts made the future seem very sunny indeed.

Shortly thereafter, this guy became a controversial figure, precipiating a dust up that seemed to go on forever. In the end, the brouhaha brought down several good sites, as well as his own. It was an eerie event to witness (one that I'm sure many of you remember yourselves). Which is why I'm so relieved to have his name finally drop below the threshhold of my top referrers. He's been entrenched up there for two years, which gives you an idea of his popularity at the time of his exit from the scene.

I wish I could say it was bumped by a cool blog like or, but I just don't have the juice, it seems, for the regular readers of those sites. In the end it was Google Cananda that took the honors. I still have high hopes for some of the stragglers on the lower end of the list, however, and hope to see them rise in the rankings before ShortStat hogs so many of my resources that I decide to uninstall it.

Ooh, I remember this episode. Good one:

"The Cat" - Marty Paich

"Computer Number Three" - Lilo Wirth

"It's Not Unusual" - Les Reed

"New Woman" - Nestle

"Misty" - The Feminine Touch

"Get Smart Girl" - Beverly Bremers

"Smoke Gets In My Moog" - Big Band Moog

"Black and White" - Jane Birkin

"Fascination" - Bert Keyes Orchestra

"Remember/What Are You Doing Sunday" - Werner Krupski