Your Favorite Little Podcast: Episode Thirteen

by Derrick Bostrom

Why do I continue to drag myself out in the open like this, week after week? For one thing, it helps to counter the toxic effects of a 40-hour week in the name of another man's dime. It's also a great way to add extra enjoyment to my collection. In addition to the thrill of the hunt, the capture and the inevitable cataloging (always with the cataloging), I can also revel in the pleasure of sharing all this ephemeral crap with my visitors.

I  also love it when the wrong people visit this site by mistake, venting their disorientation and discomfort in the comments. I especially love it when they use terms like "elevator music" as if this was incisive criticism. After all, some folks still obsess over "authenticity," preferring "immediacy" and "spontaneity" above all other concerns. Somehow, the soundtrack to a long-defunct Saturday morning kids show or a 30-year-old vanity pressing from an unknown lounge singer just doesn't work for them

But for those of you who just want a little mundane background music for your misanthropic existence, a little something to listen to while you put your pants on one leg at a time (just like the next guy), I hope this podcast fits the bill.

"Happy To Make Your Acquaintance" - Sammy Davis Jr. & Carmen MacCrea

"African Queen" - Pizzicato Five

"Wet & Wild" - Vandals

"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" - Jimmy Sedlar

"I'll Always Be True To You" - Salt Water Taffy

"Watermelon Man" - Artie Scott Orchestra

"Proxamatics" - American Standards

"Bend A Little" - Magic Disco Machine

"Make Believe" - Easybeats

"That Same Old Feeling" - Symphonette Brass

"Sweet Caroline" - Donnie Brooks