Your Favorite Little Podcast: Episode Twelve

by Derrick Bostrom

So, what did you do with YOUR "stimulus" check?

I gave my share over to my wife -- we've got bills to pay. No muss, no fuss. But I'm still hoping to "help keep the terrorists from winning" by checking something off my wish list.  Specifically, I'm hankering after a new zoom lens for my camera. But first, I need to take a look at the bill from my mechanic for the new shocks he's putting on my car.

"What'd you do, take this thing off-roading?" He asked. "It's okay -- you can tell me." Smartass. Why would I take my twelve-year-old Nissan Altima off-roading? Besides, I hardly need any extra impulsiveness to trash my suspension -- the speed-bumps infesting my neighborhood take care of that.

Anyway, if I really wanted to wreck my suspension, I wouldn't even need to take my car into the desert. We have plenty of dirt roads around that'll do the job just fine. In fact, the roads to some of Arizona's ghost towns are so bad I'd need to rent a jeep to visit them. A couple years back, when my wife and I tried to visit Crown King, which is up in the Bradshaw Mountains west of the I-17 freeway, the road was so washboarded-out that we finally gave up and turned around.

Imagine my chagrin, then, when I discovered last week that the whole isolated top of the mountain where Crown King resides was being ravaged by one of the wildfires we suffer every summer around these parts. So it's already too late to see the area as it was a week ago. But you can bet as soon as I can get a free day, I'll be grabbing my wife and my new camera lens, renting a jeep, and getting up there to see what's left. Stimulus or no stimulus.

"Sure Listic" - The Animated Egg

"Shake It!" - Frosted Shake Five

"MacArthur Park" - Hugo Montenegro

"I'm Confessin'" - Nino Tempo & April Stevens

"Summer" - Emerson/Chromolox

"Bring A Little Water" - Los Bravos

"Hermeto" - Hermeto

"The Work Song" - Bobby Darin

"It's a New Day" - Arling & Cameron

"Reach Out For Me" - Helmut Zacharias