Your Favorite Little Podcast: Episode Two

by Derrick Bostrom

They say an ill-considered partisan rant can kill a good blog. Well, I've posted enough of 'em to figure I've chased away all but the most die-hard kool-aid drinkers in the choir. If it weren't for my semi-celebrity status and my excellent search engine optimization habits, it's likely my visitors would have dwindled to nada by now. But the opposite seems to be happening instead. Visits are up, comment spam is way up, and the comments in the spam seem very complimentary. On a good day, Google even ranks me as one of the top authorities on German hyperinflation.

It's not that I'm much of a cause chaser -- more like a bitter old poop increasingly disdainful of the view outside his front door. But this internet radio deal has got me more than a little disgruntled. Perhaps it's because I'm too close to it. I suppose it's easier to remain indifferent if it's not actually happening in your own backyard, easier to take the position of "keep it behind locked doors" or "it's your own fault for getting sick," or "you should have been more mindful over the circumstances of your birth." As young outlaw indie rockers, my band mates and I used to call it "floating anarchy." That is to say, freedom is where ever the police are not. It's a great concept, as long as you're extremely mobile and not particularly invested in anything. And as long as your "freedom" doesn't conflict with corporate interests.

You could make the case that the punitive snuffing out of internet radio is nothing but a trifle when our young fighting men and women remain in harm's way. To me, consolidation is consolidation, whether is takes place in the marketplace or on the battlefield. I suspect that armed global occupation will remain The American Way at least as long as people keep driving their cars to the protests. The difference between a land mine and a corn syrup sandwich is one of degrees. Both can be deadly. Either way: in the final analysis, we're all expendable. Voting won't change that; praying certainly won't. We don't even need "new ideas;" the old ones still work. The trick is to remember what they are.

Not that the above has anything to do with this week's charming podcast, which I promise is full of nothing but sweetness and light!

Episode Two Tracklist:

"Cuckoo Laugh-In World" - Laugh-In Cast

"Dance To The Music" - The Going Thing

"It's A Beautiful Morning" - Martin Denny

"Where's The Beef?" - Coyote McCloud & Clara Peller

"Topless Party" - Nomiya Maki

"Kites Are Fun" - Tony Mottola & The Groovies

"Good News" - The Klowns

"The Wonderful World of Color" - Four Freshmen

"In My Hole" - Roy Budd

"Mr. & Mrs." - Tony Hatch

"The Drifter" – Sandpipers