Pot Comics, Part One

by Derrick Bostrom in

I don't smoke marijuana personally. I haven't since my twenties. But there was a time when I knew the lay of the land quite well. During the 1980's the Puppets would get togther nearly every day to "practice." That is, we'd sit around, doing bongs and drawing cartoons all day. Sometimes we'd manage to sneak in an hour behind our instruments, but this was by no means a certainty.

"Pot Comics" was an idea I had about a comic only a pot smoker could love: entirely devoid of humorous entry to anyone who wasn't under the influence. It had  its inspiration in my high school years, of course (where -- yes -- I actually had a friend nicknamed "Stoney;" didn't we all?), when such sentences as "what a STONED thing to say!" were commonplace. This was the 1970s, after all.

The first such comic had the punch line "whoops! Dropped the matches!" (I can no longer find this strip, but you get the idea.) I did a couple more and moved on, but the concept caught fire under Cris. Even though strip gags were not really his forte, he would just churn them out. I guess the egalitarian subjectivity of the non-humor appealed to him. Then Curt and I started doing them too, and soon we were coming up with more and more bizarre variations on the theme. Somewhere along the way, they even actually started to become funny.

When I  finally gave up smoking pot, my life improved vastly as a consequence. But I'll admit I spent a lot less time sitting around drawing. So then, here is a tribute to those days when all I needed was a table, a bong and a notebook. (Nowadays, it takes two power strips worth of gizmos to acheive the same results.) These comics also give an insight into they way the interplay between the three of us would manifest itself in non-musical form. I have boxes and boxes of Puppets doodles, but this was the longest sustained running series we ever did.

Enjoy...and please don't tell the pigs.

pot01 pot02 pot03

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